Waterfalls Near Reisseck

The mountain landscape that surround to Kolbnitz is the home to some extraordinary waterfalls, formed as the glacial mountain streams descend into the gorges and valleys of the National Park Hohe Tauern.



Raggaschuct is a spectacular waterfall near Obervellach, 15 minutes from Kolbnitz, and it is in one of the most beautiful natural gorges of the Alps. Near vertical rock faces surround the waterfall and there is a fantastic view from the wooden foot bridge across the gorge. It's open from mid-May until mid-September to find it follow the sign just after Obervellach.


Maltatal, The Valley of the Waterfalls

Maltatal is often called the valley of the waterfalls due to the numerous waterfalls that descend from the valley towards the river Malta. A drive along the panoramic Maltatal road gives many beautiful vantage points, while some falls have trails so that you can get a closer look, or even mountain climb alongside them. Malta is 30 minutes away from Kolbnitz.


Krimml Waterfall, The Highest Waterfall in Europe

Krimml is a couple of hours from Kolbnitz, but the journey to the highest waterfall in Europe (fifth highest in the world), is well worth it witness the massive three stage falls that fall from a height of 380 metres!