Motor Bikes & Panoramic Roads

The mountain roads of Carinthia are amongst the finest in the world, smooth tarmac and fantastic views of the National Parks combine as you wind your way through the valleys and across the peaks. The roads are firm favourites with classic car enthusiasts and motor cyclists from across Europe and the oldest car rally in the world 'Alpenfahrt', which celebrates it's centenary this year, is held here every September.

You can drive your own car or motorbike, or hire vehicles from local outlets including motorbike, moped and quad bike hire from MotoPoint in nearby Spittal an der Drau (20 minutes).

Three of the most famous trails are the panoramic roads of Grossglockner, Goldeck and Malta.


Grossglockner Panoramic Road

The Grossglockner panoramic road is a drive in the Alps that ends high above the Pasterze before Austria's highest mountain, the Grossglockner (3,798m).  The 48km road leads over 2,500 metres through the Hohe Tauern National Park and starts in the Mölltal valley, the valley in which Kolbnitz is situated.  This drive is made unforgettable experience due to the breathtaking views and waterfalls along the way.  Open from the beginning of May to late October.


Goldeck Panoramic Road

The Goldeck panoramic road near Spittal an der Drau (20 minutes drive) is considered one of the most popular driving destinations in Carinthia. With a length of 14.5km, it runs from Zlan to the Seetal Goldeck terminal parking area at an altitude of 1,895m.  Ten bends and the parking areas along the road repeatedly offer majestic views of the Alpine mountains and lakes of Carthinia including Lake Millstatter See and the Drau valley. 


Malta Panoramic Road

The Malta panoramic road that starts 30 minutes from Kolbnitz is an impressive drive with its rock-hewn tunnels and switchbacks, the road is 14.4km long.  It leads through the valley of the waterfalls to the Kolnbrein dam wall, which is the highest dam wall in Austria.