Travelling to Kolbnitz, Carinthia

Kolbnitz is in Carinthia which is in the south west of Austria, near the borders of Italy and Slovenia, centrally placed for many of the region's airports.

Airports near Chalet Kolbnitz

Klagenfurt Airport - 98km, 1 hour drive
Ljubljana Airport (Slovenia) - 132km, 1.25 hour drive
Salzburg Airport - 159km, 1.5 hour drive
Graz Airport - 224km, 2 hour drive
Trieste Airport (Italy) - 226km, 2 hour drive
Linz Airport - 286km, 3 hour drive
Venice Marco Polo Airport (Italy) - 302km, 3 hour drive
Venice Treviso Airport (Italy) - 311km, 3 hour drive
Munich Airport (Germany) - 327km, 3.25 hour drive
Innsbruck Airport - 334km, 3.5 hour drive
Vienna Airport - 400km, 3.5 hours drive
Bratislava Airport (Slovakia) - 4.75 hours drive


Many airlines, including budget, fly to the destinations above, here are some examples.

Stansted - Graz
Stansted - Salzburg

Stansted - Linz

Stansted - Klagenfurt
Birmingham - Trieste
Birmingham - Bratislava

Bristol - Innsbruck
Stansted - Ljubjana
East Midlands - Venice Marco Polo
Luton - Vienna

Liverpool - Innsbruck

Birmingham - Munich

BMI Baby
East Midlands - Venice

Birmingham - Munich

Thomas Cook
Birmingham - Salzburg (Nov - Apr)

Bristol - Salzburg

British Airways
London - Salzburg

Car Hire

Car hire in Slovenia, Italy and Germany usually includes driving in Austria at no additional cost, but please check with your car rental company before booking. Driving to Kolbnitz is straight forward, leave the A10 Motorway and take the road towards Grossglockner for 10 minutes, there are no hair pin bends and the roads are cleared of snow in winter.


Take an Intercity (IC) train to Mallnitz, Spittal or Lienz then catch the local train to Kolbnitz.